Diary of a Reluctant tecnophile #0cTEL

Day One 3.4.13

Why this diary? Why this name?

I am on the first day of a course which will, hopefully enhance my ability to use technology, specifically to enhance my teaching practice. I am calling the diary of  a reluctant technophile because I love technology but struggle with and do not understand it at all, So I have the toys: a Kindle, and i-pad, an i-pod, a laptop and and a Netbook, but I know \I am not using any of them, except perhaps the Kindle, to their fullest ability.

In part this is because I struggle with systems. I am either dyslexic or suffered a head injury that caused brain damage in childhood, but whichever, the part of my brain which allows me to understand systems is pretty much disabled. My ability to do jigsaw puzzles for example, is    about on a par with a five year old, or a bright four year-old.

So I am going to struggle with a course that is all about systems and is all written.

Today we ( there are over 800 people signed up to this course) were given the first lot of instructions none of which made sense to me. I did manage to understand that I needed to set up a blog which I duly did. It then took me the rest of the day to remember which was the password for the blog and which for the on-line course. Do you begin to see my problem?

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The examined blog

Who am I and why am I blogging?

This is an experiment.  I am on a course which is intended to help me get to grips with Technology Enhanced Learning and daily blogs are a part of that.

So, as I define myself as a counsellor and psychotherapist rather than as an academic, though in truth I am both (and other things besides) this blog is likely to become an examination of my thoughts and feelings through the course.

My title, an examined blog, is a play on the quotation form Socrates “the examined life is not worth living”. In this case, is a life lived on-line worth living?


Watch this space.

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“The unexamined…

“The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates.
“It’s the relationship that heals” Irving Yalom

Are these quotations contradictory?

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