Week 6 – assessment

fading fast this week: tomorrow begins a new week and so far I have done nothing. I missed the webinair and the two I have done have given me some small sense of community and make it easier to continue


So I am now looking at the ” if you only do one thing this week…” for this week, I have downloaded three papers on on-line assessment and am reading and blogging at the same time. The first paper,assessing my own performance, details using technology for trainee doctors to make clinical decisions in an unfolding case study. Now this is interesting, as it fits with an assessment process currently being used by my own profession of counselling. As far as I can see students work in groups to decide which course of action they will take with a virtual patient. I can see this working in our skills modules, which currently are heavy on staff time. It does not say if the students were working together in synched time or asynched time and it might be important to know that.


Although if I was to develop it I would need bags of help. please, to anyone reading this in my own institution. I think this would work well for my ethics module too – I am getting quite excited at the thought of replacing the paper case studies with an on-line version, though I have not quite worked out how students would work in groups on it.


Whew. I have done a third of this assignment!


second paper: putting assessment at the heart of learning.

I have flicked through this fairly quickly as it seems as if many of the ideas in it are ones that we in my school at Huddersfield already have in place.  A student from a different school was most impressed with our on-line feedback system and is going to agitate to have it in his school too.


I need to go and cook now, but if I read the third paper I will blog separately.


Glad to have got going on this task, though it has taken time from other work

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