Last week

Here I am on this weeks task ( if you only do one thing….do this). I found last weeks task very interesting particularly as I discovered that on-line learning is probably not my best way of learning.

This weeks task is what is designing active learning and I have to think about how I learn. Here is where my dyslexia snaps into play as I am an “other ” learner, which means I learn best through emotion, or action or even play I have very little short term memory so remembering facts is quite hard.

I look back as per the instructions, to the last thing I learned thoroughly.

When I have large documents to analyse and learn thoroughly I try to  learn the whole thing by heart, which means reading and re-reading, and then, in order to analyse it, I think and think and if possible, dream about it too.  It is quite a long and thoroughly tortuous process, and not one I can really encourage students to work with, but it works reasonably well for me. Is this the weirdest learning method anyone has or do others have eve n more peculiar ways of learning?



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2 Responses to Last week

  1. kshjensen says:

    Hi Heather I find it really interesting that you write about learning through play and I was wondering whether you use this with students in learning activities?

    • Heather Dale says:

      Hi Katherine,

      I suppose I try to teach through playfulness rather than play. 18-20 year olds can be a little sensitive about actual play. At my best, I get the right balance of playfulness and theory, I think. So this year, a good year for me in terms of student feedback, for instance we watched a movie in class, the whole thing over two sessions, and then we created scenarios from that, and then the students wrote their first assignment based around the scenarios. I had not done this before, and it that I have never given so many 70=s before it worked well.

      We also do things like mock panels, with the students taking all the roles, and deciding whether to exclude educate or exonerate the person complained about, and this year we had a panel (goldfish bowl) to discuss the ethics of sleeping with clients. Those are all ordinary things to do, I know, but the playfulness element is in allowing a good deal of exaggeration from the students for the sake of the play. Again, at my best, I am curious about the students and what they are discovering, and that curiosity can encourage theirs. Sometimes.

      Happy to talk more if you are interested.


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