Day five week one “Oh Brave New World, which has such people in it”

The first webinair of the course today, About 100 people, from all over the world, logged onto listen to speakers, none of whom I have heard of, although they may be quite prolific in their field. The speakers speak, and their powerpoints come up on the screen. In another, smaller screen, participants comment as they listen. Much is lost as there is no way of telling how remarks are meant to be taken, which causes some confusion, There is no emoticon for irony , as one writer points out plaintively.

So are MOOCOWs (no, that is not really the abbreviation) which stands for something like Massive On-line Open Courses, really to be the Brave New World of Higher Education? And if so, do I , committed as I am to relationships and to the inter-personal, want to be part of it? 

We are asked to think of “big questions” that we want to explore during the course. Mine has to be something like “if this is the future, where and how will I fit?”

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