Day Two #ocTEL

Day two of the course and my bewilderment is only increasing. What is it all about? What am I supposed to be learning?  Maybe it will all become clear at the end of the course, but it is interesting to be on a course that does not have neat module headings and clear learning outcomes. It looks as if learning will be more organic this way but there will also be a need for more discipline.

There are some forums on the post but so far none that have grabbed my attention in part because they seem to be written by people whose understanding of technology is much more advanced than mine.  When I interact with other academics I realise how narrow my own field is: I am a counsellor practitioner and come to academia through that route. So I know about my that, and in particular I have a fair understanding of ethical working ( in practice mainly but  also a little of the theory) but I am not a born intellectual.

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